You are the only one of “you”! Each of us is an individual with our own thought processes, ideas, and ways of thinking.

I do a lot of work with leaders and their teams. It has been a real-life education to see how the stylistic tendencies and methods of both receiving and processing information can inform our work as leaders.

When we lead others, we must take individual styles, methods of thinking, ways that others process information, and their inherent style into account. When we do this, we don’t communicate the same information the same way to everyone. Of course, this can fit for some messaging, but to truly motivate others, it takes getting plugged into some of these other dimensions.

I have worked with leaders to perform a DiSC personality assessment on individuals as they are in the interview process. The DiSC personality profile assessment results reveal where their style will fit within the organization and illustrate where they are relative to any of their future team members. I look at this process to help a hiring manager or business owner make a more informed decision. And then, if they are hired, “shortening the learning curve” on this new employee’s personality and style fit within the existing team.

Preserving individuality through having a clearer picture of your team members, results in a higher level of trust, engagement, and results. Individuals feel seen and heard and want to be a valued contributor within the team.

Think about what makes you “tick” and how well you mesh with some members of your team. This is not by accident. Your respective styles may complement each other, or you might be very close in style and therefore understand each other very clearly.

Being comfortable in understanding others, learning to communicate in a way that creates a high level of engagement, and developing different ways of messaging all result in better business outcomes and more team contentment.

If you are interested in learning more about working with me to provide the DiSC profile assessment to you and/or your team members, we can hop on a short, targeted call – no obligation. You can book it here.