With the infusion of rapidly changing technology available to help us produce “work”, the workplace and the way we work are evolving rapidly. The pandemic simply accelerated the adoption of the tools that were already available. I was an early adopter of “Zoom calls”, but many of you were forced to adapt to this new way of meeting and interacting during the pandemic. This is one example of how technology has changed the way we work.

Technology is simply an enabling factor for those of us who wish to change the “way we work”. It is forcing leaders and entrepreneurs to reevaluate the need for an established office space and even more traditional office hours.

The Accenture Future of Work Study 2021 found that*:

  • 83% of workers wanted to work hybrid
  • 63% of high-growth companies had adopted a “productivity anywhere” approach

The World Economic Forum even highlighted the impact of technology on work in 2016 – calling it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”*. However, this so-called “Industrial Revolution” is happening within the ranks of white-collar workers who are refusing to go back to the work scenario of the past.

*Cited in Fortune Magazine coverage of Welcome to the Flexetariat Revolution by Julia Hobsbawm

In the past, many closely linked performance with visibility. “If I could see you, I perceived you as a more capable performer” turned out to be a frequent performance indicator. However, with many working remotely, the work must speak for itself in many respects. Is that person delivering on the outcomes outlined for their role? Are they collaborative? Do they think strategically? Can they work well without daily visual and verbal direction?

As leaders, we are called upon to shift our perspective on performance, employee development, leadership, and reward systems. Have you made the shift to motivate and reward your employees within this new paradigm?

This is what I do – I work with women professionals and business owners to make them more effective in their leadership given this new environment. 

Let’s face it – you wouldn’t be where you are if you were not an effective leader. However, we can probably tweak some things to get you more comfortable leading in this new environment. It’s not going away, so let’s embrace it and learn to be more effective. If you want to discuss a specific issue, please feel free to book a short, targeted call with me – no obligation… You can book it here.