Look at these questions and see which ones describe you.

  • Are you tired of always having too much on your plate?
  • Do you feel that everything revolves around you, but it shouldn’t have to?
  • Do you experience having to get involved in too much?
  • Are you feeling like the bottleneck that slows things down or keeps things from getting finished?

Would you like to learn how to change that? If it were so easy, you would already have solved it!

It takes work to delegate effectively. It is hardly ever a “throw it over the fence and it will get done perfectly” task. Once you accept the work that will be involved, you can begin the process to get out from under some of your tasks.

Let’s start with the process:

  1. Properly prioritize your items to determine what could be delegated
  2. Select a person to whom you could delegate a task
  3. Determine what other information or assistance they will need to be effective
  4. Document the assistance you will need to offer them or identify another person to pair them with to provide the assistance they need
  5. Build in a cadence for follow-up and adjust the assistance you provide along the way
  6. Give positive and constructive feedback regularly

Delegation isn’t always easy! It takes some work from you and those around you. Without direct intervention during the delegation process, you will have a difficult time getting anything off your plate. You will never get out from under routine and mundane operational items.

I have trained professionals and teams on this concept. If you have a specific question or situation that we can handle in a short, targeted call, you can book it here. It’s complimentary – no obligation!

Let’s work to get things off your plate!