Are You Ready

Why don’t you feel ready?  Perhaps you’ve just reached the point where you have started to do something different or are about to launch a business.  Congratulations!

And you know that taking those next steps could mean turning the corner to get closer to what you truly want.

But even with all that time and attention devoted to this new adventure, you don’t feel ready.

Now what?   

The answer to this question can make a sea change of difference in your life!

So, let’s begin to peel this back and see if we can make some sense of it…..

When we start to think about change or begin to step toward what we want from our life or our business, our thoughts and actions begin to change and our mind knows this is new.

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Take this scenario: 

You’ve thought about or prepared for this new adventure for a long time.  

It took a lot of courage to get to this point.  

You don’t know why you don’t feel ready.  You’re surprised and frustrated by it.

You feel like your feet are in quicksand. 

I’m sorry – I know that feeling is miserable…..but understand this is just a necessary part of growth.

So let’s tackle this so you can move on!

Let’s work on getting you to feel ready.

Forget about your new accomplishment or target change for a minute.

Let’s call up ALL of your previous experience and skills.  ALL of them.  Do you have them? – Great!

Now ask yourself these questions –

“In my life, why have others always come to me for help?”

“How have I been able to help them?”

Now, with just these few bits of information, you can begin to understand what you bring to the table.

So, let’s work on why you really ARE ready even thought it hasn’t felt that way!

Let’s take all that experience you were able to identify and add the secret ingredient of helping or serving others in your own special way.

Now can you see how ready you really are?

Recognize all of what you have to offer.

You aren’t a fraud.

You’re just scared.

It’s natural.

Don’t let your head play tricks on you.  

Don’t let the fear guide you.

Summon up your confidence from all you know how to do.  Add those other accomplishments you are trying to implement.

And then realize how much you have to give.

Know that you are ready!

And finally, just start somewhere!  Take action….it will make your fear disappear.

Ready, set, go!

I hope this exercise worked for you!  This is a process I use with my own coaching clients – and we often go through this in several sessions.  So, if you haven’t had any immediate “aha’s”, have patience….sometimes it just takes going through it a few more times and writing things down so you can come back to them.  Sometimes it simply has to sink in –  we don’t often readily believe the great things about ourselves and the fact that we are ready to tackle anything!  If you still need some help, you can always reach out to me by leaving a comment or sending me a note at

And just for taking the time to read this, I’d like to offer you a free chapter in my best-selling digital book at

Let me know what you learned about yourself as you read through this exercise. 

Tell me some of your wonderful strengths and what others have to say about you.

I’d love to hear from you….