I am so excited to provide you with the November issue of Power Talk for Women Magazine! This is so much fun to put together every month. I always have so many topics to include, but respect how much time you may have available to even scan them. All the topics can be read from the perspective of a business owner, executive or professional.

This month’s edition is designed to highlight some tools that can help you think more deeply about the power of engagement and effective communication.

Topics include:

  • What I’m hearing from my clients, associates, and in the business media – this month’s topic is Qualities of CEO Communication – an excerpt from a Forbes article by contributor Stacey Hanke. It is so consistent with what I see with my CEO clients and those that aspire to be a CEO
  • An Executive Coaching Tip: Look for the source of your doubt – could it be coming from within?
  • This Month’s Recommended Read – Shawn Achor’s Big Potential – he provides us with a way to reframe our own perception of success to increase our happiness – a great read!

Monthly Article Topics:

  • Managing Performance Starts at the Top – and it’s not just an annual employee appraisal cycle!
  • Speaking with Authority and Clarity to get results – there are ways you can use communication to get better results

Thanks to those of you who have engaged with me so far! I hope anyone who takes the time to review this month’s issue will let me know if there are other topics you’d like me to cover. I would love to hear from you!

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