If you are reading this, it may already be time to streamline your work!

What you do from this point forward really matters.

Think about these questions:

  1. Do you find yourself constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to solving business issues?
  2. Do you re-engineer the approach to a business problem over and over, assuming each edit will make it better?
  3. Do you over-analyze things to the point where you delay taking action when it is important?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are really ready to streamline your work.


Stepping back to recognize where you need to focus is your next best step.

The only way to move forward is to determine where you spend the bulk of your time and determining what is wasted or inefficient.

You can drill down using these questions:

  1. What makes me the most frustrated? 
  2. Where do I feel the most stuck in my business? In my day?
  3. What information do I have the biggest problem finding when I need it?
  4. What processes are done the same way each time?


Take the answers to the questions above and make them the focus of your new plan to streamline!

  • Use the items that make you the most frustrated and determine whether you need to work the item or delegate it!
  • Look at the items that keep you stuck and deconstruct them. What parts of those processes cause you stress. When you break down the process and find the pain point, it is much easier to solve – or delegate!
  • Organizing your work to be able to retrieve what you need very quickly. 
  • Find the “repeatable” processes in your work and commit to documenting those processes so you execute them the same way each time – or delegate to someone who can follow a standard process.
  • I’ve mentioned this is some of the items above, but learn to delegate effectively and get comfortable with letting go. 


Here are some of my techniques and tips that I have deployed in my own business. I hope they can help you!

  1. I have created electronic file storage for my most frequent items used with my clients. This way I can find those items in a snap and spend my energy getting mentally ready to tackle my client’s issues with them. You can do this with paper as well. Keep all items organized in an area organized by how you would look for the item. 
  2. I keep a separate electronic filing space for all my coaching and consulting tools and templates that I’ve created. It allows me to pull up a template in no time and use it as a guide to help my client through a process for getting solid results. I can also use it as a staring point to edit and create a more customized piece.
  3. I do searches through all my files all the time…it can save your sanity…
  4. I use my own proprietary Intentional Delegation Model to help me decide what I can delegate, to whom, and how I can get the outcome I want. It took me a while to get comfortable with the idea, but once I did, it has been magic!


The power is in your hands!

The key to being really successful this time (because I’m sure you have tried this before…) is focusing on the smallest things that will make the most difference. I tell my clients, “You don’t have to boil the ocean” to make a difference. Small items that cause you the most stress or waste the most time will be the most rewarding to solve.

I’d love to help you drill down into your pain points, so it would help to know more about where you are. Won’t you please take a few minutes to take a short survey to help me help you? Click the button below to take the survey.

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