I am so excited to provide you with the October issue of my magazine. As you know, I have been dubbed “The Employee Whisperer” by many of my clients! However, when I step back and think about the ONE thing I do best, it felt like it was no longer a fit for the title of my magazine.

When I am in my “zone of genius”, I help women like you – professional career women and female business owners – find their “zone of genius” to show up more powerfully and combine not only what they say, but how they say things. I want them to learn how to fully represent their talent, expertise, and desires.

Therefore, I am renaming my magazine to more fully reflect what I do and the results that my clients and followers get from putting these tactics in place.

Welcome to the October edition of “Power Talk for Women”!

I am super excited about sharing my years of experience with you. There are so many situations you are facing that I have already experienced. I made it through (and have the scar tissue to prove it!) and over time, became more powerful and confident. That is my wish for you as well. I can help you get the same result.

In this edition, it’s all about POWER – I introduce you to my POWER TALK FORMULA© – and it works! You can stay tuned to learn more about it as I continue to provide more information, along with tips and strategies to deploy it effectively.

In addition to my “POWER TALK FORMULA©”, this month’s edition is designed to highlight some of the key topics I am hearing from my clients.

Topics include:

  • Quiet Quitting – what it is and why it may not work for everyone
  • We’re recruiting for the local chapter of the international Women Presidents Organization! If you are interested or know someone who is, contact me!
  • An Executive Coaching Tip: Use my Power Talk Formula© to feel seen and heard
  • This Month’s Recommended Read – FAST FOCUS

Monthly Article Topics:

  • Become Part of an Accountability Group
  • Learn the elements of my Power Talk Formula©

I hope you find useful information and tips that you can use immediately. Let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to cover in the future. I would love to hear from you!

If you do enjoy it, please share this link with your friends and associates so they can also receive it monthly along with actionable tips I send to my community.

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