Tina is brilliant! As my coach, she was able to see straight through to the heart of my issues. Her kind Southern approach created an incredible environment that made me feel so supported. Intuitively, she knew how to help me move forward and her insightful problem-solving techniques and tools helped me figure out what my next steps were. If you’re looking for a coach who knows how to help people find the answers lurking under all the layers of obstacles and excuses, Tina is the coach for you! Love her!!

Sue P.

Austin, Texas

“I was fortunate enough to work with Tina Meilleur in her project leadership role for the Business Transformation at her former Fortune 500 company.   Tina was a strategic leader who always kept the end goal in mind.  She had very high standards for herself, as well as our team which I believe really pushed all of us to do and be our best.  Tina was extremely talented at seeing all the various connections in the different workstreams and really challenged the workstream leads to identify the interdependencies and collaborate to ensure we were hitting the aggressive timeframe and producing high quality deliverables.  She effectively presented to the most senior executive leadership of her company to gain approval to move forward at each critical milestone and partnered with us to strategically position the content, order and pace of the project for these meetings.

What made working with Tina so enjoyable was not only her intelligence and ability to grasp complex information, but also her ability to be supportive, team oriented and to establish a great balance between the needs of the organization and the employees.  I learned a lot from Tina and would gladly work with her on any other large complex projects.”

Elise Freedman

Director Talent Management & Organizational Alignment, Towers Watson

“Tina has been such a wonderful guide and mentor coach for me as I start my own business. Though we don’t always talk business during our sessions, I do feel like the clarity I receive from our work together has helped all aspects of my life including my business. Her energy and charm make me feel both inspired and safe, and her confidence has helped boost my own confidence in pursuing my business ideas. I trust her advice and her approach and feel very lucky to have worked with her.”

Cathy D.

Folsom, CA

Tina helped me with a family issue I’ve been dealing with for a long time.  Through her insightful questions and highly developed listening skills, Tina enabled me to see and ultimately think differently about this same issue which finally resolved the long term angst and guilt I’d been feeling for many years over it.

Tina is a talented and exceptionally skilled professional who has the ability to help clear the roadblocks that keep us from reaching our goals and being true to ourselves.  Her coaching skills and style are unparalled and I highly recommend her as your next coach!



“Tina’s passion for coaching shines through! I consider being coached by someone who has been trained by Oprah’s personal life coach one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  Women have to learn to put our priorities on the top of the list and Tina helps her clients do just that.”