In order to kick your business into high gear, learning how to prioritize your time in your business needs to be something you do prioritize! It can be the single best thing to helping you not only survive, but thrive…


I have to tell you what I finally discovered… the main thing that always gets in my way is me!

When I’m not prioritizing my time, I don’t focus on the things that will help propel me forward, but rather the “busy” work or the things that keep me in my comfort zone.

Particularly if you are the boss, you are the rainmaker – the one that brings in the business. You are the face of your company and can’t afford to take yourself out of your business building mindset.

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I spent a year being so overwhelmed I could not move forward. I was in the “swirl” of constant tasks that did not add anything to my ability to generate business.

These items fell into a few different categories for me:

a. Tackling items such as emails, calendar management, and generally keeping up with the influx of my growing inbox each day.

b. Managing my follow up with those that have reached out or that I’ve met through my networking or online communities.

c. Billing and collecting to ensure I stayed on top of my revenues, as well as all of the associated follow-up.

d. Accounting and tax tasks to keep things organized and to ensure I had things properly categorized.

e. Creating the content for my online business programs to ensure I was delivering value and advancing the journey of my clients.

f. Preparing for either my in-person or virtual consulting engagements.


Normally, we think of time prioritization as primarily managing a “to do” list.

It is so much more than that.

Look at these notes below to see how I tackled my own overwhelm, and how I would like you to think about how you prioritize your time:

  1. Make your to do list work as your daily guide.
    • In order to do this, it must include ONLY the things that will propel you forward.
  2. Always prioritize outreach to your clients or customers (or those who may become your clients or customers in the future).
    • This isn’t necessarily personal outreach, but keeping the lines of communication open by staying in touch in some way, This can certainly involve automated delivery of news, tips, and doses of your expertise and brilliance!
  3. Qualify the opportunities that come your way. 
    • Not everything that looks promising turns out that way, right. You have some experience in vetting opportunities, so use that to see what opportunities may be a good fit for you to pursue. 
  4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! 
    • This could be the single most important strategy for growing your business. If you don’t have someone to delegate to, find someone. If you have someone (or a team), start really leveraging them. This is often one of the things that is difficult to do, but can have the highest return on your investment of time.

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Do you…

  1. Struggle with your own “to do” list?
  2. Consistently say “yes” when you have not extra time?
  3. Focus on things that will bring you business every day?

Let me know – I’m very interested in hearing about your own experiences…

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