Do you dread planning a meeting? Did you have virtual meetings for almost a year and then either welcomed in-person meetings again or continued to dread them? But why?

It’s all about the meeting – you can have great meetings whether they are virtual or in-person. The secret is in the planning!

The planning begins with the outcome in mind. What do I wish to accomplish by having this meeting?

Here are some steps you can review to see if you might adjust your meeting process:

  1. Actively consider what you wish to accomplish BEFORE setting up the meeting. Be INTENTIONAL!
  2. When inviting others to the meeting, give them a preview of what you wish to accomplish and set the time for the meeting based on what it will take to get to that outcome.
  3. Create an agenda and distribute it to all participants ahead of the meeting. Ask them to be prepared to discuss particular issues if appropriate.
  4. When you begin the meeting – get ready to keep it moving. Move through the agenda in a deliberate fashion.
  5. Make sure you are hearing from everyone who should be participating. If there is someone who is particularly quiet but you need their input, find ways to engage them in the meeting.
  6. Capture next steps and cover them at the end of the meeting or have them sent out after the fact.
  7. Let the participants know whether they need to prepare for another meeting, and if so, what you think next steps might be for that meeting.

Remember, when employees hear from their leadership, they are looking for information on “how does this impact me?”. Help them interpret what they heard by being clear and concise in your communication and follow-up.

You can become a super-effective meeting planner who can gain the respect, trust, and engagement of those who participate with you.

If you want to structure and conduct “killer” meetings in the future, hop on a targeted call with me and we can run through some solid suggestions. You can schedule a short complimentary call with me here – no obligation!