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Try Painless Planning!

Most female business owners and professionals I know wish to keep

the momentum going so they can continue to grow.

This growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Why not get some support and help along the way?

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  • Are you a female business owner or professional who tends to lose focus or get knocked off course too easily? That happens to me ALL the time!
  • Did you miss out on creating a plan to guide you?
  • Do you hate the pressure of planning?
  • Does your blood pressure and stress level start rising as soon as you think about planning?
  • Do you have trouble prioritizing or focusing?

What if you could become part of a group of like-minded women – helping each other set priorities, getting comfortable asking for help, and accepting big wins?

That sounds fabulous, right?


is designed to provide the motivation and assistance you need!

When you become part of this group, here’s what you can expect:

  • Gain clarity on your goals and priorities to help you focus your time, find motivation and renewed energy - to get the results you want
  • Access accountability on your terms – actively ask for help and/or benefit from the group discussions by interacting with others who are facing the same obstacles
  • Discover ways to reclaim your power and confidence as a leader and business owner.
  • Become part of a forum in which to celebrate your wins – big and small – to provide motivation for the “next thing”.
  • Receive guidance from an experienced Business Coach with a ton of experience in different types of business environments in different industries.

Other women struggle with the same items

that may be holding you back.

This group may be for you if:

  • You are someone who already works hard and are moving toward your goals and dreams.
  • You have some gaps in your business growth and not sure what to prioritize.
  • You love the idea of support from like-minded women and having resources that you can draw upon (from people that don’t work for you).
  • You’re the face of your company or an executive leader, so you’re not comfortable asking for help from your team or others who may not be able to relate.
  • You would welcome access to an experienced Executive and Business Coach to help you gain clarity to help you achieve your business or professional growth

We'll start slowly and adjust as we go

so I can meet you where you are.


We've got A's for your Q's

What is the format?

You will be part of the PAINLESS PLANNING group of female business owners and professionals and able to interact in an online group forum and in monthly Zoom calls moderated by me. I will guide you to work on several business priorities that will help you achieve your goals (even if you don’t know what they are yet!). 

How long will it last?

My intent is to run this group for 6 months – through July, 2024 – which will give each member of our group the ability to plan all the way through the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2024 to end on a high note! I will then give members of this group first priority to join my 2025 PAINLESS PLANNING GROUP, which will begin planning for 2025 in the 4th quarter of 2024.

Will you have access to me?

Yes! I will be participating in the forum, posting frequently on relevant topics, and will participate in the monthly calls “live” on Zoom. We’ll even get to do some live coaching on the calls so you can benefit from real-life situations and solutions.

What else is included?

You’ll have access to worksheets, templates, and information on relevant topics, with the intent for the group to continually evolve into what the members need the most.

How much will it cost?

Your early-bird price will be $49.95/month (regular pricing is $149/month) – perhaps less than your weekly spend at your local coffee shop! If you find the content, group, and access to me is not working for you – you can cancel at any time. (You can pay for all 6 months and save 15%!)

How much farther along could you be with this type of support?

Here are some of the comments from women in other groups I have facilitated:

"Tina is GREAT! She keeps us on track. We are all very comfortable with the environment and sharing our feelings and thoughts. The women in my group are wonderful and open to assisting, suggesting, or just listening. I know it's because of Tina."

"Tina is an incredibly insightful person. She brings each member help that is tailored to their unique situation. She genuinely cares about each member in our group and is the reason we are all so engaged with one another."

"Tina is a great inspirational leader always making sure our conversations are relevant and fulfilling."

This community is designed to be:

  • A welcoming environment
  • A safe place to discuss difficult things
  • A supportive place to get the kind of help and suggestions you might need
  • A community of empowerment – not one of demoralizing “tough love”. You’ll be empowered by support, ideas, and solutions
  • One in which everyone participates at a level where they feel most comfortable
  • Where vulnerability is not associated with lack of drive, motivation, or intelligence
  • A place where we will celebrate the talents in each of us and our progress - whether big or small

Won’t you say “yes” today?

Sign up to be one of the first in the group as we get ready to get started in February, 2024!

I promise it will be fun!

Normal price: $149

Early Bird Pricing


(For the 6-month duration of the group)

Your six-month cost is less than one Exclusive Executive Coaching Session with me!

A Message from Tina

Hi! I'm Tina Meilleur, an Executive Coach, Business Advisor, author and speaker. My mission is to help if you are struggling to grow your business or enhance your career. 

I can take you from UNCERTAINTY TO FOCUSED ACTION to get results AND help surround you with support from me and my community! According to my clients, my coaching programs and CRAVE™ process provide gateways for making simple “tweaks” or a total up-level of your life or business. 

I am also the founder of Design Your Success, the online Learning Center and the author of Your Next Chapter: Five Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams to help you create your own kick-ass future.