I often reach different phases in my business – and I’m sure you do as well – where I realize I can no longer continue operating with the same level of assistance.

If I’m driving and find myself at risk of running off the road, I usually hit the brakes and determine how to make a quick correction.

If I notice that I might be running off the road in my business, here are some of the considerations I go through to make those critical “get help” decisions:

  1. Is what I am working on a good use of my unique value to my clients? Or should someone else be doing this task so I can focus on change-driving and money-making activities that are so valuable to my clients?
  2. Do I need to hire a person on my payroll or should I engage with someone who can provide a scope-based service? Will I need full or part-time support?
  3. If my needs are changing because my business is growing or changing, do those that I am currently working with have the skills and knowledge to pull me forward? I may be outgrowing those with whom I have been working – even though it may be difficult to acknowledge, it signals growth for us.
  4. Can I put my requirements into a clear summary document with tasks/outcomes and timeframes/deadlines so others can respond with accurate information on their skills, expected results, and pricing?
  5. Will I commit to the discipline it will require to keep the work flowing to others as they assist me?

What are some of the challenges you are facing as your needs change as you grow? I’d love to hear from you…

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