I find life so interesting and have a healthy curiosity about the world. I would venture to guess that if you are reading this, you do as well! Combine that with my desire to help others and my intuitive nature, and you can see why I chose to become a Martha Beck trained life coach.  But business is in my blood, so I combined my passions to be a Leadership & Business Mentor for high-achieveing business women and entrepreneurs.

I’m a licensed CPA with a MBA who started my career in small business followed by an extended stint at a Fortune 500 company. If you want to read more of my business history, my bio on LinkedIn goes into greater detail.

I am now self-employed and living a life that feels really right for me. I can help you understand the dynamics of self-employment, small business and the culture of corporations – I speak that language. 

I wanted to know more about myself and focus on how I wanted to feel while living this precious life of mine. I wanted to learn how to feel more like the real me and stop hiding while trying to please everyone else. If thats your desire, I can show you how.

I was unclear regarding my own personal brilliance, talents, and gifts, and why relationships and jobs didnt feel like a fit. I have worked to uncover my unique personal brilliance and worked to incorporate it into a life I love! If thats your desire, I can show you how.

I have constantly reinvented myself to handle a myriad of leadership opportunities. I’ve been the “go to” person for leadership on difficult projects and have guided my own development in order to prepare for these eventualities. If that’s your desire, I can show you how.

I’ve struggled with incorporating my personal life with other roles in my life. I also wanted to find ways to express my creativity. If that’s your desire, I can show you how.

I’ve dealt with debilitating illness, divorce, loss of very close family members and friends, being single, getting remarried, becoming a step-parent, and loss of a long-term job. I learned how to have a good quality of life in spite of these challenges. If that’s your desire, I can show you how.

I wanted to have a healthier relationship with money, and now I do. If that’s your desire, I can show you how.

I wanted to make significant changes in my life and career and have been successful in doing so. If that’s your desire, I can show you how.

photo (1)I bet some of my story is your own……..

I may not have lived your story, but I can help you as I’ve helped many others. I use my intuition, experience, and coaching skills to help you reveal what is most necessary for YOUR well-being. I am thriving, and I want you to be too!

Have you identified your true direction – your internal compass – so you can stay true to yourself even when the world around you is changing? To enable yourself to grow both personally and professionally?

Let me help you as I’ve helped so many others by working with you to identify your personal brilliance and define your success in a way that is meaningful to you and gives you a life that lights you up. I will guide you through a process of following your own curiosity and intelligence and challenging the thoughts that keep you stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled. You may be blocked and just can’t see a path forward – just know it will be exhilarating when you break through!

Our time together will be exploratory, challenging, and results-driven. We will work together to push your personal status quo and find what resonates with you. I’ve witnessed so many rewarding “aha” moments from my clients – this work is truly a blessing for me.

Id love to partner with you to help you Design YOUR Success.