April always puts me in a reflective mood regarding how my business performed in the first quarter of the year. Whether you have your own business or work for someone else – we all have goals to tackle each quarter. Many of those goals involve milestones and progress toward year-end performance.

How did you do in the first quarter of 2023? It’s a great time to reassess and adjust your plan because you have three more quarters (9 months) to hit your targets. These targets can involve professional or team development, financial performance, or business development.

Want to ensure better results as you move through the rest of your year?

Here are some tips:

  1. Review your year-end goals again to really gain clarity.
  2. Document what you would need to get done by the end of the third quarter to hit your goals.
  3. Then back up to your second quarter and decide where you would need to be to hit the third quarter milestones you developed.
  4. Next, break down your second quarter items within each week of the second quarter to keep you on track.
  5. And finally, schedule items on your calendar each week OR determine what you might delegate to meet the commitments.

I know it isn’t as easy as laying out these 5 steps, however, I love structure – it helps me stay focused and organized. When you run the business or lead a team, you set the tone for everyone else.

What goals are you struggling to break down? We can hop on a quick call to give you some quick guidance so you can set the stage for achieving your 2023 goals. You can set it up here – no obligation.