I don’t have a money tree, do you?  I’ve worked hard for every dollar I’ve earned.

My attitude toward money definitely began with my family.  Whenever I asked for something I wanted that was expensive or not really necessary, I got responses like these, but always with a chuckle:

“Do you think money grows on trees?”

“Let me go shake the money tree in the back yard….”

We never had much, but my parents found a way to send me and my sister to private school because they believed it was important. Mom went back to work and Dad worked a lot of extra shifts to make ends meet.

My relationship with money has certainly had its ups and downs.  I’ve had nothing, I’ve had just enough, I’ve had the “hold my breath and pray nothing happens this month” amount of money, and I’ve had a high-paying job and the financial freedom that afforded me.

So why do I care about your relationship with money?  I care because it is often such an important aspect of your life, you need to get clear on how you get along with our money.  

And many people aren’t clear.  I wasn’t either, but now I am.

In fact, on one end of the spectrum, some people have their head in the sand; and on the other, some are far more consumed with worry than they should be.

The first step is to understand what you have, where it goes, and what you want it to do for you.

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Do you worry about money (either the abundance or the lack of it) more than you should?  Or have you allowed your money to serve you well?

You see, your relationship with money is like every other relationship you have in life!  Are you caring, kind, gentle,  and clear about what you need and want?  

[Tweet “How we treat our money is an indication of how we treat ourselves!”]

In order for you to have a good relationship with your money, you have to love yourself

and allow your money to come along for the ride!  




When you want to take control and get your head out of the sand, ask yourself this question when you think about spending or investing money:

Are my decisions about money consistent with my expectations for myself?


Paying attention to your money is a way to show yourself some love.

You control the way your money works for you.  

Don’t sit on the sidelines – be “all in” when it comes to your relationship with your money.  

Make your behaviors around money consistent with your expectations for yourself.

Now it’s your turn!  Let me hear from you and leave your answers to the questions below in the comments section.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this very personal topic…..

What do you think of your relationship with money?

Do you love yourself enough to pay attention to where your money is going and what you’d like it to do for you?

Do you see any themes from your family that are consistent with your own thoughts about money?

Do you feel you deserve to spend and invest your money in a way that is consistent with your values?

I’m a Life and Business Coach working with successful women who have reached a plateau and are ready to shift their lifestyle to something more meaningful.  I’m committed to this movement – and to help women establish a better relationship with their money!  I’d LOVE to stay connected with you so we can stay in touch and you can receive new editions when they are published.  And feel free to share!