As a business owner, do you have lots of great ideas and never enough time to pursue them all? So, in your business, how do you ensure that you are spending your time on your highest value activities?

Each item you choose to focus on brings an entire list of “to-do’s” along with it. If you don’t focus on your key priorities, and then in turn your “key actions” associated with those key priorities, you wind up spreading yourself too thin to be optimally successful.

Could you start thinking of your tasks in a slightly different way? Consider these categories from the Eisenhower model:

Maybe you don’t have trouble with the “Doing” or “Scheduling”, but would like to get used to “Delegating”. Do you often say, “It’s easier to do it myself!” We’ve all said that at some point. Keep in mind you will never get out from under your tasks unless you can effectively delegate.

And never mind “Delete”! That’s often unheard of… do you have a fear of letting things go – just in case they might bubble up again in the future? You can always keep your “delete” items for a while just to ensure you are making the right determination – particularly if things are changing rapidly. However, just because you keep those “delete” items doesn’t mean you need to put any energy toward them.

What do you struggle with in managing your time and what deserves your attention? I’d love to know!

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