Feel the Joy of Success


What does it mean to Feel the Joy of Success? My theory is that you already know that feeling. What do I mean by that? Think of a time when you felt you accomplished something that you really wanted. Something that meant a lot to you. Something large or small – but important. What if you could feel the joy of success more often?


Why does it often feel that success is not yours to claim? It seems so unreachable sometimes, doesn’t it?

I want to help you feel that success is right there for you – if you let it in. How important would that be for you? Would you find some inspiration and motivation if you felt more successful?


How often do you focus on defining success for yourself? Do you rely on the opinions of others to measure your own success? How would you like to define your success? I firmly believe that making the choice to define success on YOUR terms can be life-changing!


I was sitting in a meeting recently, and one of the participants shared such a vulnerable moment – she said she had figured out that she was “afraid of success”. Many of us in the room stopped in our tracks when we heard her say that. 

This sentiment is more common than you may think, and it may be affecting you as well. What if you could choose to feel the joy of success rather than experience the fear of success?  Choosing joy over fear is a powerful CHOICE – yes, it is a CHOICE! Joy feels great in your heart, mind, and body. Fear feels awful, but sometimes necessary to move through to get to the joy you could be feeling. So, how do you move toward joy?


When I was training as a professional coach, I first heard the concept of an “upper limiting belief”. When I heard this term, it was as if a champagne cork had popped and the champagne was flowing freely! I now understood what was holding me back and it was life-changing.

Where does that show up for you? The fear of succeeding in a bigger way is often what holds you back. The “bigger way” part of that statement is totally up to you – what do you want in terms of your own success? Do you want to be in the forefront? Do you want to be an influencer? Do you want to simply achieve your goals?

I firmly believe that your success should defined according to YOU!


  1. DEFINE SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS – Don’t allow anyone else to define you or your success. Success is very personal, and you need to define it for yourself. Only you know what’s important to you and what will motivate you to succeed. When you go after the wrong things or the items that are important to others, you are less likely to feel the joy.
  2. ALLOW YOURSELF TO IMAGINE YOUR SUCCESS – Visualizing your success can be a powerful motivator for you. When you can visualize your success, you can get more in touch with the possibility that it can happen for you. This visualization becomes something you can call on when you are struggling or need to be reminded about what you are working toward.
  3. SHARE YOUR ASPIRATIONS – Maybe you want someone to help you stay accountable, or maybe you simply want to put your success energy out into the universe by sharing it. Whatever works for you, it is important to share your aspirations in some way. Speaking or writing it, putting it on a vision board, or putting your aspirations into a plan are all ways you can share your aspirations to help you make them a reality for you.
  4. FIND YOUR MOJO – Find what pieces of your definition of success resonate with you. Is it financial success, or is it more about making a difference? Or both? What is it about achieving your success that would make you feel joyful? Once you tap into this, your likelihood of achieving what you set out to do is multiplied.
  5. CELEBRATE YOUR WINS – Don’t wait until you get all the way there to launch a celebration! It is important to celebrate the small wins along the way. Did you get through a tough time? Did you walk through your fear and keep moving?  Did you define your success to suit you in the first place? All of these warrant a celebration, but it is important to find what works for you.


If seeking joy becomes a focus of your day, you will be surprised to see what happens! Make a concerted effort to look for joy in smaller ways. Don’t wait for the bigger things – they may take a long time to accomplish. Train yourself to enjoy the little things and the small wins and you will be motivated to keep moving toward the success you have defined for yourself.


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