How can a Leadership and Business Mentor help me?

As a Leadership and Business Mentor, I walk with you through a process to help you explore what you want out of your business and leadership roles, uncover what may be holding you back, and help you create the steps you need to have a life and a business career that really lights you up.  

It can be a fun process, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding when we break through to what you really want and how to grab it.  Sometimes, my clients want to make major changes, but sometimes simply need to “tweak” what they are already doing to increase their satisfaction.  I can also work with you as an accountability partner to help you execute the necessary steps.  We all need help from time to time.

How does Leadership and Business Mentorship differ from getting advice from my closest friends, colleagues, and family?

Your friends, colleagues and family are an integral part of your support system. However, they are not always unbiased and objective when it comes to what is best for you.  Their own best interests often get in the way of hearing what you truly want and they may not be able to offer ways to help you uncover what is best for you.  They don’t like to see you struggle and they try to minimize this as much as possible for you.  As your Leadership and Business Mentor, I’m trained to help you dig deep to uncover the things you may not be recognizing (or acknowledging!) or those things that are holding you back.  

How do I find out what you are offering?
Check out my “Work with Me” page for the latest offering or information on what’s coming up.  

The best way to get the latest information is to get on my contact list.  You can sign up here. I promise not to spam you, but will make sure you receive the latest information and members-only exclusive early promotional offers.

What does working together look like?

I have several options available for us to work together.  Many of my offerings are done by telephone or on the web, but there are some other options available depending on the program or event.  Each program or event will contain the details regarding how you participate and the materials you will receive.  Many programs will contain bonus material and other resources that will continue to support you in between and even beyond our scheduled sessions. 

Where do we meet for our sessions?

The good news is “it doesn’t matter”!  I have clients all across the United States and some that are international.  If you would like to work with me as your coach, let’s not allow distance to get between you and your brilliant future.  Most of our work is done via telephone (or Skype or Zoom upon special request).

Do you work with clients in person?

I have worked with clients in person, but it became increasingly more difficult based on the schedule and the location of my clients.  I have found the beauty in creating a safe space over the phone for my clients to explore and concentrate in the privacy of the spot they have chosen.

I have also experienced the power of the group as I am conducting group coaching sessions.  The participants often form a bond where they feel safe to explore and share.

Is everything you use in your programs your own material?

I base my program materials on my years of business experience, life coach training, and extensive research.  When I use the materials of others in my Leadership and Business Mentor programs, I take great care to attribute credit to the appropriate author, researcher, etc. where appropriate.  When I use formalized assessments, quizzes or other helpful tools, I will provide links to these materials directly from my website when possible, and/or will participate in the appropriate affiliate programs.  I respect the trademarks and copyright status of the materials of others.

How does working with me differ from therapy?

Think about Leadership and Business Mentorship as hiring a personal trainer instead of a doctor or a therapist.  If you have symptoms of something that is serious enough to need medical or psychological attention, certainly visit the appropriate professional.  If you want someone to guide you through a process of discovery and creating a plan necessary to realize your goals, then hire me as your Leadership and Business Mentor.

What is your refund and/or cancellation policy?

Leadership and Business Mentor programs – The program fee is to be paid in advance before the first session.  If a certain program offering includes an offer for a payment plan, this offer will be listed in the program details and the online payment process will reflect that offer. If you cannot participate in one of the sessions after you have paid, we will do our best to roll your payment over to a future program/session based on the future program schedule.  If we make a decision to suspend that particular program, we will advise you and discuss your options at that time.

If you cannot participate on a regularly scheduled group mentoring program call, as a courtesy, please let us know.  We record our group mentoring calls and provide the link back to the participants for their convenience.

One-on-one Leadership and Business Mentor packages – The fee for our Leadership and Business Mentor package is paid in advance prior to the first session.  In the event you cannot keep our scheduled one-on-one appointment and advise me 24 hours in advance of our scheduled appointment time, I will reschedule the appointment for a time that will work for both of us.  If you do not advise me within the 24-hour window, no refund will be granted.

For Retreats – Specific refund/cancellation details will be posted with the offers for each retreat.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

I am a firm believer that my customers should be able to buy with confidence from me.  I also believe the mentor/client relationship is a two-way street.  I have crafted my money back guarantee to target both of these beliefs.  If you want to read it in its entirety, you can access it here:  My money-back guarantee.