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Thanks so much for requesting the complimentary chapter from my book, Your Next Chapter: Five Steps for Creating Your Ideal Life.  As you’ll see in the introduction, I experienced a surprise layoff from an 18 year career with the same company.  It left me reeling to figure out what to do next.  My book illustrates the process I used to reinvent myself and begin my career as a coach and consultant.  

I wanted to share this process with people like you who want to explore, design and implement a plan to create your ideal life.  Keep in mind that your ideal life doesn’t have to be a total do-over or a total reinvention – it can involve simple tweaks that simply increase your happiness.  With my five step CRAVE™ process outlined in the book, you will have the exact tool that I use with my own clients to systematically step through the process of choosing what you’d like to focus on all the way to creating an action plan for implementation.  This plan can be something you do immediately, or it can be something you have in your hip pocket for implementation at a later date – when YOU are ready.

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