Future Goals – Create Your Next Phase

A NEW PERSPECTIVE – DEVELOPING FUTURE GOALS Is it possible to create a new paradigm around your future goals? You bet! It takes a longer term outlook than what you are probably used to. It requires a little more in-depth work on your part – a little extra...

Compassion for Self – The Ripple Effect

Here are some ways that “compassion for self” has a ripple effect in your life:

Learn to treat yourself with compassion and you will approach situations with other people in the same way.
Let go of self-judgment, and you tend to judge others less harshly.
Be kind to yourself and accept the fact that you are human, and you will allow others to be who they are as well.
Deal with your emotions real-time, so you won’t “blow up” over minor issues with others.
Realize that when others share opinions regarding you and how you live, it is about them and not you. Therefore, you can let it go and follow your own path.
And finally, when you love yourself unconditionally, you create space in your heart to love others the same way.

5 Ways to Stop Giving Away your Power

5 Ways to Stop Giving Away your Power

  STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER! I told myself a few years ago “Stop Giving Away Your Power!”  I realized I was doing that based on who I perceived was more powerful and more “right”. Thinking someone was more “right” than me was...

Embracing Your Style To Show Up Powerfully

EMBRACING YOUR STYLE I was sitting around with a group of leaders the other day. I was setting the stage to begin executive coaching with them. As I listened to the conversation, I was struck by how perfectly matched they were. Each with their own style, talents and...
5 Ways to Tell You Need a Break Without Feeling Guilty

5 Ways to Tell You Need a Break Without Feeling Guilty

I’ve been struggling lately. I’m overwhelmed. I’m doing what I’m passionate about, but it’s gotten out of hand. I need to return to what I know to do. Take a break. I used to feel guilty. Uncertain of what would happen if I did take a...