What do you CRAVE?

Written from her personal perspective of her own evolution in designing and achieving her successful Next Chapter, Life and Business Coach Tina Meilleur provides her reader with a proven, five-step process called CRAVE™ to help them shape their own evolution into their ideal Next Chapter. She approaches this process in such a compassionate way that it can help not only those who wish to totally reinvent themselves but also those who choose to make less drastic, yet meaningful change in their lives. 

Because we are living longer and wanting to make a more significant contribution within our lives, remaining in careers, relationships, or businesses that no longer feed our deepest desires can be disheartening. This book is not only a written guide through the process, but also provides significant insight not only into how to create a plan to move from where you are to where you would like to go, but also how to keep going when you are discouraged or become fearful. It is designed to give the reader the framework and tools to achieve the most successful Next Chapter possible for them. It is an uplifting read and provides encouragement for even the most skeptical reader. 

You will be guided through a plan to identify your deepest desire for living your Next Chapter and to uncover what you need the most. You will work toward developing action steps to get you through your own natural evolution to your Next Chapter that is more aligned with your talents, desires, and heart. You will learn how to deal with the myriad of emotions for yourself and those around you as you embark on this important journey for yourself. If you have ever wanted to make meaningful change and haven’t had success in the past, this is the book is for you.