Empowering women in their professional journeys is at the heart of what I do, so I want to delve into a critical aspect of career advancement and business owner success – negotiation skills. As we strive to break the glass ceiling together, mastering negotiation becomes a key tool for women professionals like you to navigate and excel in the workplace.

Negotiation matters because there is a significant gap in both compensation packages for women professionals and contract awards for women business owners. These gaps need to be closed for us to realize our full potential. Negotiation for compensation and competing and winning contracts will help us do that!

  • In 2022, women earned 17% less than men on average.*
  • Women earn just 82 cents for every dollar a man makes.*
  • A 20-year-old woman just starting full-time, year-round work stands to lose $407,760 over a 40-year career compared to her male counterpart.*
  • Statistics are far worse for women of color!*

There are lots of practical strategies to negotiate confidently for salary increases, promotions, lucrative contracts and deals for their businesses, and more.

I have coached professional women to advocate for themselves and get more comprehensive compensation packages with higher salaries and promotions. I have also coached women business owners to approach deals and contracts differently to increase their success rate and maximize profits when they do.

  • One client has experienced a change of ownership within the company she works for and is now working her way through her “executive tour” so the decision-makers know who she is and how they can best use her skills in a higher-paying leadership role. She is now excited again about the future of her career as she goes through the process.
  • Another client was in the process of selling her company and was asked to stay on via contract after the sale. I helped her understand what she could include on her side of that negotiation, and she was successful in defining her contract on her terms. She’s living her best life!
  • A small business client was certified as a minority-owned business and was not happy with how negotiations were going with a big client. I helped her realize her worth and stand her ground on the value of what she was offering, the quality she insisted on in her delivery of services, and how working with her could benefit the client. Success!
  • Yet another client wanted to understand how she could negotiate some pieces of her compensation package to make it more lucrative for her. I gave her a list of suggestions and advised her to get all agreements in writing. She’s quite happy!
Ready to take the first step toward mastering the art of negotiation?

If you’re interested in learning more and want personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances, I invite you to schedule a complimentary short, targeted call with me HERE. Let’s discuss your specific goals and challenges so I can provide insights to help you negotiate with confidence.

Remember, breaking the glass ceiling starts with empowering ourselves with the skills and knowledge we need. I’m here to support you every step of the way.

*NOTE: Source – Forbes Magazine using 2022 data.