When I’m scared of doing something new, it feels like I’m in a tumultuous environment of uncertainty and fear. 

I don’t know where I am going.

I don’t know what the outcome will be.

I’m scared of taking action and it causes me to withdraw.

It was important for me to learn to find courage.

To create it when it didn’t exist.

To dig deep and find a way to summon it up.

It’s possible, but it’s hard.

So what’s the origin of courage?

It comes from your heart.

And how do you get your courage to come forward?

You have to want something badly enough OR have to want to avoid pain badly enough to move forward courageously.

That’s right, courage is an enabling strategy for what you want the most.

Isn’t that convenient?

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The universe will provide what you need – you simply need to have the desire to move forward and the openness to receive.

Here are some ways you can Find and Display Courage.

  1. UNDERSTAND THE COST OF NOT TAKING ACTION – We often think about the risk associated with taking action, but rarely do we consider the cost of not taking action. What will it cost us if we don’t achieve the state of being we need the most to thrive in our life? I thin you’ll be surprised at your response. Courage can fuel our desire to get what we want the most.
  2. ACT “AS IF” – What if you had no constraints and you could be guaranteed a fabulous outcome? Wouldn’t you take the leap? The answer is probably “yes”, since there would be a guaranteed desired outcome! Act “as if” what you want is already built into your life. This method of reimagining your life helps to rewire your brain to plan for and accept the outcome you want.
  3. BRING OTHERS ALONG THROUGH YOUR COMMITMENT – When you act courageous – as if nothing can stop you – a funny thing happens. Those around you who are vested in your success rally around you to help you make things happen. They applaud your courageous attitude and want to be part of your team. Learn to use this momentum to propel you closer to what you truly want.

What do I know about this topic? A lot!

I turned a painful corporate layoff and turned it into a new calling in my life. I wrote a book about the process I followed so I could help walk others through the pain and get what they truly want in their life. I learned when my clients can approach changes in their life through this system, they can address the fear and excuses in a way that is less overwhelming and causes the change to stick.

If you want to learn more about my five step CRAVE© process, I’m offering you a download of a free chapter of my book, Your Next Chapter: Five Steps to Creating the Life of your Dreams. Simply click on the link below and you will receive information to download the chapter.

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I’m Tina Meilleur and a Leadership and Business Mentor, author and speaker. I am also the founder of Design Your Success and the Academy for Business Success. My mission is helping high achievers match their desires, skills and experiences with success on their terms. My “Next Chapter” program and CRAVE™ process are systematic approaches for making simple “tweaks” or orchestrating a total reinvention. I am the author of Your Next Chapter: Five Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams to help others build anything they want into their life. I have a CPA designation in the State of Louisiana and received my MBA from Tulane University in their Executive MBA program. I’m a highly sought-after mentor, coach, facilitator, and speaker. You can reach out to me at Tina@DesignYourSuccess.com.