Living with Intention

What Does It Mean to Be “Living with Intention”?

Would you like to discover which of the tools you have at your disposal is most effective in getting exactly what you want? We know that taking the right action is super important, but before you even start taking action, you must clear the way.  My vote goes to Living with Intention. It is the single most powerful tool in your toolkit to creating a path for your personal success. For some, it comes naturally. Perhaps it is not that way for you. I know it wasn’t that way for me. I wish I would have known this earlier, I would have had a much better outcome from my past efforts.

Living with Intention is all about crafting the intention and maintaining it all the way through your experience. It doesn’t have to be specific to an event, but it can be. It should become an important part of how you conduct your life.

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What environment do you have to create to make this part of your life so that it is simply how you conduct yourself?

  1. It takes personal honesty – get honest about what you want.
  2. It takes commitment – stick with it even though it may get difficult.
  3. It takes acceptance – be willing to accept where you intention may lead you.

Be Careful What You Ask For

This can really be a game changer. It can shift everything for you. You want to be sure the shift you make is one you want. That’s why it takes personal honesty on your part. If you create an intention that is consistent with what you truly desire, you are more likely to have it enter your life.

It may take a deeper dive to get to this level of honesty. It’s not for the faint of heart. It takes real work and it may cause some discomfort. Learn to sit with it and see what it tells you – you will be amazed.

You have to be ready for what comes your way. That’s why it takes commitment as well. Everything can change in a heartbeat or it can happen gradually. The more ready you are the easier it will be to accept your new reality.

Open your heart to be more accepting of what comes your way. Be ready to pay attention to what is going on. It may not be exactly what you thought would happen, but it could be even better than what you had in mind. See where it leads you and be open to possibilities.

The 3 Stages of Living with Intention

  1. Begin with Intention – Set your intention as a guidepost either for your daily life or for a specific event or circumstance. Seek to infuse your intention with beauty and abundance. Think about receiving the results of your intention and the type of outcome you want. It should always be filled with beauty for you and your life.
  2. Live with Intention – Live your life with intention every day. Make it part of your every waking moment and remind yourself right before you got to sleep.  Attempt to manage negative thoughts that might not be aligned with your intention.
  3. Ensure your Intention stays Relevant – Any area of focus in your life is bound to change as both your needs and the environment around you change. It is fine to continue to adjust your intention rather than abandon living with intention. Your intention should evolve with you, and be integrated with how you live. When you allow it to evolve as you change, you are more likely to stick with it.

It is important to infuse your life with intention. It will become your guidepost and your touchstone. We all need some guidance, and often the best guidance is internal. Living with intention allows you to trust yourself. Imagine the power of trusting yourself and how it can propel you forward.

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Am I ready to Live with Intention?

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