Success Isn't An Accident

It’s about taking back control by defining success on your own terms, not anyone else’s!

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Why Can’t I Take That Next Step?

  Why don't you feel ready?  Perhaps you've just reached the point where you have started to do something different or are about to launch a business.  Congratulations! And you know that taking those next steps could mean turning the corner to get closer to what...

Your Next Chapter Series – THE POWER OF CHOICE

  Have you ever heard the phrase "If you don't like what is happening to you, why don't you just change it?" Easier said than done, don't you think? The power in this question is that it can elicit a pause from you, a moment in time where you actually wonder if...

Monday Morning Blues – Or Sunday Night Dread?

We’ve all experienced it.  We get into our offices on Monday morning and we get a case of the blues.  We had a good weekend - maybe visited with family or friends.  Maybe hunkered down with a good book.  Perhaps we went to a much-awaited movie, worked in the garden -...

Button Pushing 101

ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO PUSH YOUR BUTTONS?Yes, that’s right!  I just said “how you ALLOW others to push your buttons…….”We never think of it this way - we think others are out to get us and know how to push those buttons that get us all worked up. ...

Happy Personal Independence Day!

Happy Personal Independence Day!  According to Wikepedia, Independence Day in the United States is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 the date on which the United States formally separated from Great...

“Tina has been such a wonderful guide and mentor coach for me as I start my own business. Though we don’t always talk business during our sessions, I do feel like the clarity I receive from our work together has helped all aspects of my life including my business. Her energy and charm make me feel both inspired and safe, and her confidence has helped boost my own confidence in pursuing my business ideas. I trust her advice and her approach and feel very lucky to have worked with her.”

Cathy D, Folsom, CA

“I was fortunate enough to work with Tina Meilleur in her project leadership role for the Business Transformation at her former Fortune 500 company.   Tina was a strategic leader who always kept the end goal in mind.  She had very high standards for herself, as well as our team which I believe really pushed all of us to do and be our best.  Tina was extremely talented at seeing all the various connections in the different workstreams and really challenged the workstream leads to identify the interdependencies and collaborate to ensure we were hitting the aggressive timeframe and producing high quality deliverables.  She effectively presented to the most senior executive leadership of her company to gain approval to move forward at each critical milestone and partnered with us to strategically position the content, order and pace of the project for these meetings.

What made working with Tina so enjoyable was not only her intelligence and ability to grasp complex information, but also her ability to be supportive, team oriented and to establish a great balance between the needs of the organization and the employees.  I learned a lot from Tina and would gladly work with her on any other large complex projects.”

Elise Freedman

Director Talent Management & Organizational Alignment, Towers Watson


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